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Friday, November 30, 2007

Megalodon-giant prehistoric shark

-Chacharodon megalodon (or Charcharocles megalodon)
-was a giant prehistoric shark that probably lived between about 20 to 2 million years ago
-the biggest known carnivorous fish to have ever lived
-often widely referred to as "The Megalodon", or "Megatooth Shark"

There is some disagreement as to how megalodon should be classified in taxonomy.
-The older view (more favored by marine biologists) is that megalodon should be classified in the Carcharodon genus with the great white shark, though this has generated debate whether megalodon is a direct ancestor of the great white shark or whether the two species share a common ancestor
-Around 1923, the genus, Carcharocles, was proposed to classify the very similar shark Carcharodon auriculatus. Many paleontologists are now favouring Carcharocles for megalodon as well.[1] Carcharocles proponents give C. megalodon's likely ancestor as Otodus obliquus from the Eocene epoch, and the ancestor of the great white shark not megalodon but Isurus hastalis, the "broad tooth mako".


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