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Friday, November 09, 2007

Cadborosaurus Willsi a.k.a Caddy

-nicknamed "Caddy", is the name given to a sea serpent reported to be living on the Pacific
Coast of North America
-its name is derived from Cadboro Bay in Victoria, British Columbia, and the Greek root word
"sauros" meaning a lizard or reptile
-the animal is similar in form such as "Ogopogo" of deep interior lakes of British Columbia and to
the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland
-have been more than 300 claimed sightings during the past 200 years including:
-San Fransisco Bay, California
-Deep Cove in Saanich Inlet, B.C.
-"Caddy" is said to resemble a serpent with vertical coils or humps in tandem behind the horse-
like head and long neck, with a pair of small elevating front flippers, and a pair of large webbed
hind flippers fused to form a large fan-like tail region that provides powerful forward propulsion
-has been proposed that though a process of locomotory body transformation, the long slender
body can be doubled up into rigid vertical humps that effectively reduce the contact area of the
snakelike body surface with the water and enable the animal to attain speeds of more than
40 km/h at the surface
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