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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ahool-Java's giant bat

-is a flying cryptid
-supposedly a giant bat or by other accounts, a living pterosaur
-there is no objective evidence that it exists as claimed
-it is not well documented, and little reliable information
-and in this case, no material evidence-exists
-named its for its distictive call A-hool (other sources render it ahOOO000
-it is said to live in the deepest rainforests of Java
-descibed as having a monkey/ape-like head with large dark eyes, large claws pn its
forearms (approximately the size of infant), and a body covered in gray fur
-the most intriguing and astounding feature is that it is said to have a wingspan of
3m (10ft)
-almost twice as long as the largest (known) bat in the world. the common flying fox


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