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Monday, December 17, 2007

Crop Circle-are aliens made the crop circles?

-is a term used to describe patterns created by the flattening of crops such as
wheat, barley, canola, rye, corn, linseed and soy
-examples can be found world wide
-various hypotheses have been offered to explain their formation, ranging from the
naturalistic to the paranormal
-Naturalistic explanations include man-made hoaxes or geological anomalies, while
paranormal explanations include formation by UFOs
-many circles are known to be man-made,such as those created by Doug Bower, Dave
Chorley, and John Lundberg
-and a 2000 study into circle hoaxing concluded that 80 percent of UK circles were
definitely man-made
-Bower and Chorley were awarded an igNobel Prize in 1992 for their crop circle


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