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Friday, December 07, 2007

Dragon-the worldwide legend

-mythical creature typically depicted as a gigantic and powerfl serpent or other reptile with
magical or spiritual qualities
-9 dragons from Asia include:

  • Naga or Nogo- Indonesian dragon
  • Lóng (or Loong ,"Lung" )- Chinese dragon
  • Ryū- Japanese dragon
  • Bakonawa- Philipines dragon
  • Yong, Yo, Kyo- Korean dragon
  • Rồng or Long- Vietnamese dragon
  • Yilbegan- Siberian dragon

-13 dragons from Europe include:

  • Scultone-Sardinian dragon
  • Lindworm- Scandinavian & Germanic dragons
  • Zomok, sárkánykígyó & sárkány- Hungarian dragons (Sárkányok)
  • Zmey, Zmiy, żmij, змей, or zmaj, or drak, or smok-Slavic dragons
  • Balaur-Romanian dragons
  • Vere Celen- Chuvash dragons
  • Cuélebre- Asturian dragons
  • Coca- Portugese dragons
  • Zilant- Tatar dragons
  • Ejderha or Evren- Turkish dragons

-5 dragons from America

  • Feathered Serpent or Quetzalcoatl-Meso-American dragon
  • Amaru-Inca dragon
  • Boi-tata- Brazilian dragon
  • Caicaivilu & Tentenvilu- Chilean dragon

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