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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Champ-monster of Lake Champlain

-the name is given to a reputed lake monster living in Lake Champlain
-authorities regard Champ as legend
-state government of Vermont has put Champ on its Endangered Species List, so that if such an
animal does exist, it would be protected by law
-reportedly can be seen in a video taken by fishermen Dick Affolter and his stepson Pete
Bodette in the summer of 2005
-in the video, something appears under the water near the fisherman's boat
-although two retired FBI forensic image analysts, who reviewed the tape, said it appears
authentic and unmanipulated, one of them added that "there's no place in there that I can
actually see an animal or any other object on the surface"
-one piece of inconclusive data is the recording of what seems to be echolocation from within the
lake by the Fauna Communications Research Institute in 2003, working as part of a Discovery
Channel program
-the group concluded that the sounds they recorded are similar to that of a Beluga Whale or
perhaps an Orca, although no dolphin or whale species is known to live in the lake
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